Why the aliens are here

The aliens have been waiting decades to spend time with us again.

They dropped by earth in 1952, but their attempt to visit the President of the United States in Washington, D.C., was a bit misunderstood by humans; we considered them a threat. The aliens quickly realized that a common language would be required to build an understanding of their friendly intentions, so they returned home to GN-z11 — a high-redshift galaxy found in the constellation Ursa Major.

Fast forward 70 years: The aliens took notice of a widespread adoption of a universal language on earth… emojis. Finally there was a way to communicate with humans! And so, for the first time since they used hieroglyphs to communicate with the Egyptians 5,000 years ago, the aliens began to transmit emoji-based messages to earth in 2021.

Low and behold, a deep-space communications program on earth detected these messages and formed an international task force — Alien Star Cloud — to receive and interpret the emoji strings.

Finally, in 2022 a contingent of 10,000 aliens are making their way to earth. After consuming decades’ worth of our media and culture, they are coming outfitted in a mix of otherworldly and earthly threads, and with a range of gadgets, skills, and space critters to show us.

Will you join our community and use your Ethereum wallet to guide one (or more) aliens safely to earth?

What the aliens are bringing

The aliens are landing with a range of magical traits, from special abilities, to pets from their home galaxy, to an intergalactic crypto monetary system. Watch for these traits and others among the aliens which may entitle a holder to a special reward.



Having traveled across the galaxy with the aliens to spend time in a new environment, these four-legged creatures are looking for a good time. A surprise may await those who collect all three colours.

Planeetos Coin


A cryptocurrency used by the aliens in their home galaxy, they’re planning to spread adoption on earth. Find it on their credit cards, coins, patches, and more. It might pay to hold more than a single alien with a Planeetos trait.



The aliens have bought powerful artifacts celebrating the five human senses, but what is this sixth sense they are alluding to? A special opportunity could appear for those who collect them all.

The journey is just beginning

An NFT from this collection represents membership to our founding community.

We will deliver future value in the form of identity visualisation products (via those we are building at Alien Star Cloud) and future collections.

Let’s shape this new web together.


1 of 1s

Among the eclectic mix of aliens there are leaders who, through a combination of the regular traits, take on a special integrated appearance and background lore. Should they choose, owners of these special 1 of 1 aliens will play an important role in deciding how the story of this friendly invasion of earth unfolds and what happens next.

3D Emojis

Rockets for Interstellar Emoji Transport (RIETs) are hyperspeed spaceships arriving on the tail of the alien invasion. These special vehicles are carrying 3D emojis for the human race. You will be able to visualise emoji-based web3 IDs you own in augmented reality.

Collection features

Spectacular art

Generated from more than 200 traits, the aliens have been created with a meticulous level of detail, at 4k resolution


No background trait so you can drop your alien into any environment without losing a key trait that differentiates it from peers

IP rights

Use your alien for personal or commercial purposes (all traits on aliens you own are yours to use freely, except our logos)

Future proof

Your alien is unique without the hand trait, so we can plan for their integration into the Otherside or other metaverse experiences

Engaging story

We have started a narrative, but we are building the lore for the aliens with your help, let's get it going

Fair mint price

Accessible to new and veteran NFT buyers, we want wide distribution to those who love the art and what we are building

Transparent team

Doxxed founders who have been building 🏗 together for 9 months, we are here for the long haul 🚀

Free web3 ID graphics

Exclusive free tier for tools that Alien Star Cloud develops to personalise your web3 IDs (Yat, ENS, etc) & avatars

Join a Fun community

Experienced or beginner, we are here to support your journey with NFTs, let's have some fun ✌👽🎉


At Alien Star Cloud our mission is to combine design with web3 IDs, allowing anyone to improve their aesthetics. We have different ways to represent ourselves online, from Web 2.0 handles, to ENS domains, Yats, and NFT avatars, our team is exploring different ways of personalising these identities as well as building visual bridges between them.

Aliens HD is an extension of this and through this inaugural collection we are building a community who love this new age of identity. Travel the cosmos with us as we explore a journey of exciting ideas, new collections, and more.

With the aliens on their way to earth, we are receiving transmissions from deep space with regular updates. They will be beamed into this console as we understand the progress that is being made.

					Phase 1 //
Objective ( 'Find 10,000 aliens for earth convoy' );
Objective ( 'Build a website' );
Objective ( 'Open our Discord community' );

PHASE 1 100%
					Phase 2 // 2,500 Aliens Landed
Objective ( '4K resolution aliens' );
Objective ( 'All landing sites revealed' );
Objective ( 'Astrophotographer backgrounds' );

PHASE 2 50%
					Phase 3 // 5,000 Aliens Landed
Objective ( 'Backstories sought from community' );
Objective ( 'Physical & digital book created' );
Objective ( 'Alien fashion is coming in vogue' );
PHASE 3 0%
					Phase 4 // 7,500 Aliens Landed
Objective ( 'Galacties reward unlocked' );
Objective ( 'Planeetos reward unlocked' );
Objective ( 'Help create a musical score' );
PHASE 4 0%
					Phase 5 // 10,000 Aliens Landed
Objective ( 'Community decides next collection' );
Objective ( 'Senses reward unlocked' );
Objective ( 'Grants, donations, & secret rewards' );
PHASE 5 0%

We will listen to our community, adapt, and deliver exciting surprises along the way.

We are here to build.

We want your input.

Transparency is key.

Let’s create an engaging experience for all aliens 👽

Meet the team


Lead Illustrator

An avid fan of Japanese culture, including anime and manga. When not drawing, Denzel is often playing video games or writing code.

Joseph Skewes

Operations Lead

The influence of Joseph’s favourite 80s alien movies, such as Flight of the Navigator, E.T., Predator, and Aliens, is finally seen in his work.

Wyn Tiedmers

Design Lead

Well-trained eye for design, loves emojis, interest in social justice and evolution of tech. Co-leads independent music label [sowasvon].


Background Artist

Gamer, anime fan, and a talented illustrator. Drawing is Rayon’s biggest passion and she is also crazy about cats 😺.

BowTied TreeFrog

Community Manager

Freelance artist, writer, veteran, and world traveler. With any luck, an alien will leave the keys in the ignition and she’ll become an interstellar traveler.


Advisor / Team Member

We are looking for exceptional people to help guide our rocket ship into orbit. Click the link below and contact us if you’d like to see if we are a fit.

Advisors / Partners

Matthew Callahan


Ran his own creative agency, ex-Vayner3. Director of Marketing for LXVEWORLD, experienced with NFTs, and a master storyteller.

Rarity Punks

Tech Partner

Rarity web app, health check on images, metadata, and other assistance behind the scenes to ensure a smooth launch and quality trait distribution.


Design Partner

A creative studio striving for unity of visual art and technology, a perfect partner to work with in delivering complimentary 3D 👀 assets.

Frequently asked questions

Friend, you have landed on the website of Aliens HD, an NFT Collection created to celebrate the landing on 🌎 of 10,000 aliens. Did we mention the aliens are bringing emojis? They freaking love emojis.

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a data record stored on a blockchain that acts as a certificate of authenticity and ownership for another asset (usually a digital one, such as an image or video). In Aliens HD the NFT represents a set of traits and image that you own, along with your ability to use it for personal and commercial purposes.

We are still putting the final touches on the collection and getting everything ready for a smooth launch. At the moment we anticipate a drop date in June, however we don’t want to lock in a date until we are sure everything is ready. It will come around soon, get pumped and join our Discord for regular updates on our progress.

We will set a mint price once we have an official date, but we want to make the aliens accessible to a wide group of people, so anticipate a reasonable price.

In the lore for Aliens HD, Alien Star Cloud is an international task force assembled to interpret messages being received from the aliens. Join our community and you become part of that task force.

In the world outside of the lore, Alien Star Cloud is a company established to explore the intersection of NFTs, identity, and design. We are building tools to help people personalise their web3 IDs and Aliens HD forms part of that journey.

In short, Alien Star Cloud is you, it is us, it is the start of a web3 brand and movement with a community-first focus.

Art: Clean, detailed traits. 4k resolution images to come after mint. No effort spared (months in development) to ensure the aliens will stand the test of time and look great as an avatar, on clothes, turned into derivatives, and more.

Membership: An alien is your official membership to the Alien Star Cloud community. You will be front of mind for value delivery in future collections, new art via airdrops, free mints, or guaranteed access at every turn.

Web3 ID tools: One of the unique forms of utility is access to personalisation tools that Alien Star Cloud is developing to help people personalise their web3 IDs. We aim to deliver the mint cost in value to every holder, every year, forever.

Future proof: We’re creating the aliens with future utility in mind e.g., backgrounds won’t be traits, and your alien(s) will be unique, even without the hand trait, so that it’s ready for adapting to the Otherside or other metaverse experiences.

© 2022 Aliens HD / Alien Star Cloud

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